What’s In The CARDS For 2021

Women to be the future of B2B sales – research shows saleswomen regularly outperform their male colleagues in quota-carrying sales roles.

Honing Your Secret Weapon: The Importance of a Killer Pitch

Every professional woman needs to have a pitch. Now, more than ever, whether you’re looking for a new job, building your business, or trying to manage the job you already have, it’s important to have your pitch ready.

#StrongerTogether: Using Your Skills to Put Customers First

Even in the most challenging times, our sisterhood is a powerful resource to support one another and learn from each other as we continue developing our careers as professional saleswomen. With that in mind, I’d like to share the story of Frednise Shields.

Rise to the Occasion: Partnering Through Challenging Times

As any sales professional can tell you, our industry is constantly in flux. There are good and better quarters, moments [...]

Sell into the C-Suite: The Secret to a Masterful Value Story

To maximize your impact, you have to immerse yourself in the customer’s world and learn their language.

#StrongerTogether: Building Your Network of Trailblazing Women in Sales

When I think about trailblazers, I think about women of color who have forged new paths in fields that have previously been off-limits to them. This Women’s History Month, I want to share with you the story of a changemaker.

Sistas in Sales Power Breakfast at Linkedin: Behind the Scenes of a Successful Career in Sales

When you are 1 out of the 45 women that woke up very early on a rainy Monday morning to [...]

Salesprenuership: How to get an idea launched using your professional sales skillset

You may know me as the operational head behind the brand, Sistas In Sales, the event lead, the social media admin, the sales lead and the CEO. I’m writing this piece to discuss how your practical sales skills can help you launch a successful business and brand.

Realizing Your Self-Worth Both Personally & Professionally

Self-worth is an important topic that many tend to emphasize in reference to their personal lives but rarely mention in reference to their professional lives. Sidney Garcia, our last SIS interviewee, has collaborated with me on this blog post to discuss how to realize your self-worth within your sales career.

SIS Event Recap: StartUps DeMystified

According to Dictionary.com, a startup is, “a newly established business.” Forbes.com states the term “startup” has been defined over the past few years as “Scrappy young ventures, hip San Francisco apps and huge tech companies.” No matter how it is defined or by whom, people are still left wondering, what really is a startup?

Vision Statements: A SIStas Guide to Visualizing Your Future Successes

While the New Year is swiftly approaching, everyone is trying to figure out what their resolutions will be, how to become a better version of themselves in the New Year, and how to ring in 2019. This may be overwhelming for some if they have not given their New Year any thought, but for others, it may be more exciting since they have an exact idea of how they would like the New Year to pan out for them.

Happy Birthday SISta Edition: Our Founder & CEO, Chantel N. George!

Chantel Nicole George was born in the Bronx, NY to Dominican (Do-mee-NEE-can) parents who taught her at an early age to be a strong and assertive woman. The strength they taught her would help her cope when she lost her mother to breast cancer when she was only 9 years old. This experience would help shape Chantel into the bold, strong-willed entrepreneur she is today.